"Uglen med den magiske hat" er en af de personlige navngivningsgaver og dåbsgaver fra Faun & Luna til både drenge og piger
Nærbillede af det lilla tivoliternet kunsttryk "Uglen med den magiske hat", der er en populær dåbsgave til både drenge og piger
Owen the Owl

Owen the Owl

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The art print is accompanied by a fairy tale about Owen the Owl on his very first day of school. The tale speaks to how excited you can be when new adventures await, and how you should always believe in yourself and everything you’re capable of.

Owen is awaiting his very first day of school with animals from all over the forest, it’s treetops and the mountains across the lake. We follow all of his preparations because according to Owen, starting school requires something very important; Namely, his magic hat.

The art print is created as part of Faun & Luna's first series and is a numbered and signed limited edition art piece with 97 available prints.