Kunsttrykket "Marleys første skoledag" er udviklet i samarbejde med World Pride, hylder regnbuebørn og er en af de personlige dåbsgaver fra Faun & Luna
Nærbillede af det farverige kunsttryk "Marleys første skoledag", der er en populær dåbsgave til regnbuebørn


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‘Marley’ is an art print that pays homage to diversity and inclusion with a focus on families in all the colors of the rainbow. The art print is created in collaboration with WorldPride 2021 and is numbered and signed in a limited edition of 1000 prints. 

The art print is accompanied by a fairy tale about little Marley, Piper the Panda, and their first day of school together. When purchasing the art print, you support Copenhagen 2021 & WorldPride.