"Græskaret og de spøjse venner" er en af de unikke og personlige dåbsgaver af Faun & Luna til både drenge og piger
Nærbillede af det farverige kunsttryk "Græskaret og de spøjse venner", der er en populær dåbsgave
The Pumpkin

The Pumpkin

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‘The Pumpkin’ tells the story of how you can become best friends, even if you don’t look the same; And that you should always be curious to meet someone who look, act, and think differently than yourself.
The fairy tale follows the little Pumpkin, who sees some funny creatures outside the window at bedtime. First, he gets scared, but then the curiosity wins, and the little Pumpkin sets out to meet his new friends.
The art print is created as part of Faun & Luna's first series and is a numbered and signed limited edition art piece with 95 available prints.