Miss Nosey
Close-up billede af Frøken Tut
Miss Nosey

Miss Nosey

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‘Miss Nosey’ is Faun & Luna's limited 2021 art print and is the only art print, which is available in size 30 x 20 cm.

"Miss Nosey is like any other teapot; She loves the warmth. That's why the cold weather can be a hard time for Miss Nosey - if she’s not used. That's why Miss Nosey loves when the family gets together because that's where love and warmth are most present - and she's often in the center of it all.

When the family drinks tea or hot cocoa, Miss Nosey simply gets so hot and happy that the steam flows out of her nose and hat. In many ways, it feels like she's being warmed under a cosy duvet.

While Miss Nosey is sitting in the closet at night waiting for the sun to rise, and the morning tea that someone might want to be served, she often thinks of the conversations she has overheard the previous day. She knows about all the presents the children will receive for their birthdays and about all sorts of surprises and celebrations that lie ahead.

Because she knows all the family secrets, but do not worry - she won’t kiss and tell."