"Elliefant og de tre små mus"  en af Faun & Lunas personlige dåbsgaver og er ofte valgt som alternativ til et fødselsdagstog
Nærbillede af det cirkusinspirerede kunsttryk "Elliefant og de tre små mus", der er en populær dåbsgave til drenge


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‘Elliephant’, was always told that elephants are afraid of mice because they can climb up into their trunks. But one night, in fact the night before Ellie's birthday, she comes face to face with the little creatures. Yet, she discovers that mice don’t like crawling up into elephants' trunks at all. In fact, they think elephant boogers are disgusting!
That’s why you shouldn’t believe everything you hear, but sometimes rather find out for yourself.
The art print is created as part of Faun & Luna's first series and is a numbered and signed limited edition art piece with 95 available prints.