Lille pippa med krøller der peger på Faun & Luna værket Uglen Ulrik
Indpakning af personlige dåbsgaver i bæredygtigt materiale
Indpakningen af en af de personlige dåbsgaver fra Faun & Luna

Personal Gift

With an art print from Faun & Luna, you have the opportunity to add a personal and handwritten greeting on the back of the frame.

What Do You Give as a Personal Gift?

Most people want to give a gift that inspires and influences the child positively throughout their childhood - even through life. If this is you, then you’ve come to the right place! With an art print from Faun & Luna, you can help introduce both art, culture, and stories in the child's life, right from the child's first big day.

The Gift with a Personal Note

At Faun & Luna, we focus on personal gifts, as the unique nature and durability of our products make them the perfect gift that can follow the child throughout life. Each work is signed and numbered by the artist Caterina Pantani and has an accompanying fairy tale that aims to stimulate the children's creativity, imagination, and interest in art by creating a bridge between the child and the art piece.

It can be difficult to find a personal gift and to meet this need, Faun & Luna allows you to add your own personal message written on the back of the art print. This way, the child can look back on its first big celebration.

A Gift for Life

The watercolor paper itself has a certified shelf life of over 100 years, which means that the art prints can be passed on to generations. Therefore, the gift will not only be important on the day it is given but can also follow the child as it grows to become an adult. The overall experience is important for us, which is why you can choose to have your gift beautifully wrapped and ready for the gift table, if needed.