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What to Give a Child for their Baptism, Christening or Naming Ceremony?

Are you going to a baptism, christening or a naming ceremony? Most of us will eventually end up going to one of those; And when the day comes, we all want to bring a unique gift. But finding one can be a challenge. Because one thing is a ‘unique’ gift, but another is that the gift should also be something that the child can benefit from. Finding a christening or baptism gift that is important and that the child can grow with – not out of.

The baptism, christening, or naming ceremony is the first traditional celebration in a person's life. It is a special day wherefore many similarly want to give a very special and unique gift that is both personal and that stands out from the crowd. It's not always easy, as classics such as keepsake boxes, baptism ornaments, and baby blankets often find their way onto the gift table.

What Makes a Baptism Gift Unique?

So, what makes a baptism, christening or a naming gift is unique? First, it helps that there is a personal thought behind the gift. The gift must have a meaning and a message. Toys and decorations for the children's room are often mass-produced. That’s why all of Faun & Luna’s art prints are signed and numbered by the artist Caterina Pantani; And are sold exclusively in a limited edition. In addition, you have the opportunity to add a personal note at check-out, whereafter our artist will write it on the back of the art print. This way, the child can always look at the gift and think back on the celebratory day - also as an adult.

In short, there will only be a limited amount of the same art print, and if you’re looking to make it even more personal, there is the opportunity to add a personal touch in the form of a note, so you can be sure that the gift is both unique and personal.

Is the Christening Gift for the Child, or the Parents?

Many people may be in doubt as to whether the baptism, christening, or a naming gift is for the little one or for the parents. The child is likely too young to even understand and questions can arise as to whether the child will benefit from the gift, or whether it will just end up in a drawer.

At Faun & Luna, we specialize in making limited edition Giclée art prints for children and playful souls; Art prints that both caters to children, their never-ending imagination and still also live up to the parents' aesthetic sense. There should, however, never be a doubt about who the gift is for - the child. That’s why each art print is accompanied by a small fairy tale that can help stimulate the child's imagination, creativity, and interest in art - by building a bridge between child and art. But of course, that doesn’t mean that parents can’t appreciate it too, right?

What do you Give a Boy as a Baptism Gift?

Finding a baptism, christening, or naming gift for a boy can sometimes be a challenge. This is likely because traditional baptism gifts, are associated with girls. The baptism, christening or naming ceremony is often full of traditions, and this also applies when it comes to the baptism gifts.

When you receive a baptism invitation for little Joe, you likely want to give him, a unique and personal baptism gift; But what should it be? The classic gift ideas are often used by several guests, yet everyone wants to give something unique and personal.

Art, Play & Storytelling

Whilst finding gift ideas for boys can be challenging, it may well be possible. Faun & Luna always strives to create art prints for children that caters to all genders. In this way, little Joe receives a gift that is both unique, personal and fits into his universe - just as it can fit into his little sister’s.

Each art print is limited edition, and a handwritten, personal note can be added on the back of the art print. It is also possible to order the gift beautifully wrapped, so it is ready for the gift table.