Amalie Born Djurhus, Louisa Channouf Jacobsen og Caterina Pantani, som tilsammen er grundlæggerne af Faun & Luna

Behind the Scenes

Born and raised in the cold north, but with roots established deep in Italy's warm soil, Caterina has spent most of her life dreaming. Through her dreams she has created her own universe and art has been for her the ultimate and most honest form of expression. Over the past year, Caterina has purposefully strived to bring her universe to life by giving Faun & Luna its expression and voice.

In addition to Caterina stroking the brush, the Faun & Luna team consists of the two more women, Louisa and Amalie. They are responsible for the business and marketing side, which involves sharing all the beautiful works of art with the world, so that everyone can become part of Faun & Luna's universe. In other words, Faun & Luna consists of three women from Copenhagen, Denmark, who want to create art for children through play and storytelling. All children deserve to dream and play and it is Faun & Luna's goal to help this on its way through beautiful and stimulating art.

Logo illustration af Faun & Luna

The universe

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