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The process

With a creative upbringing and two parents with backgrounds in the arts, Caterina grew up with a pencil in one hand and a brush in the other.

Drawing and fantasizing are part of the family’s DNA, and throughout her childhood and youth, Caterina has created light, dreamy, and mysterious universes.

For Caterina, the creative form of expression has been a means of processing, reflecting, and understanding life and all of its quirks. With an interest and attention to detail, Faun & Luna's works are created from scratch with many layers and depths to each piece.

The initial phase

Caterina basically works 24 hours a day. And though that may seem like fantasy in and of itself, it is quite true. All the art prints start with a small idea that is refined and processed internally throughout the day and even during the night. It can typically be a given theme that needs to be highlighted, which must be composed and planned before the physical work begins.

Children's books, conversations, Pinterest, and other online sources are used as inspiration, whereafter a rough draft in the form of a sketch is prepared.

The work itself

The sketch is transferred and polished to the watercolor block, where the motif is drawn loosely with a thin pencil. Then the coloring begins, where watercolor plays an essential role in Faun & Luna's universe. The watercolors are applied layer by layer, which is sometimes a nerve-wracking process, as you can rarely start over when working with analog tools.

When the many layers of watercolor have been applied and seem to live up to the desired expression, the work is reworked with both colors and pencils to further promote the details.

Each work takes several hours to create, depending on the level of detail and inspiration. Then comes the technical part, where each work is scanned, isolated from the background, and prepared for print. Since the beginning, the ambition has been to create art prints that are visually difficult to distinguish from the originals. An ambition we have proudly managed to live up to.

Caterina Pantani som barn i hendes fars værksted i Italien


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