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Get your art print framed

Have you ever bought a beautiful print that never made it onto the wall because you didn’t have the frame ready? Don’t worry, it’s pretty common.

At Faun & Luna, we want to make it easy for you, and it would be a shame if ‘Mooney’ or one of Faun & Luna's other friends didn’t make it out of the roll and up on the wall. That’s why we deliver our art prints beautifully framed, upon request, with a varied selection of frames.

All frames are handmade and are of the best quality. They are designed in Denmark and produced in Italy. The solid wood makes the frame appear raw and natural; And because of the natural material, there may be nuanced differences in the wood, which gives the frame its own completely unique expression. The frames includes real glass.

The frames are available in 'Natural oak', 'Dark oak' and 'White'. (NB. For special requests, we can be contacted via email. There may be a longer delivery time.)