Højtlæsning på scenen til Rainbow Children under WorldPride 2021. Her læser Faun & Luna højt fra Marleys første skoledag.

Fairy Tales

What fairy tale has stuck with you since childhood? Impressed you? Or even influenced your way of perceiving the world? As children, we all listened to fairy tales and stories, sometimes before bed and other times in the nursery, kindergarten, or school. Maybe it was grandma or grandpa who read it aloud? Maybe it was mom or dad? Common to fairy tales are that they often make a big impression on our childhood minds; And there might even be a morale that has helped shape us and our current perception of the world.

A fairy is characterized by various elements that are repeated from tale to tale. Everyone should be able to relate to the main character. The main character is often confronted with dilemmas and difficult choices that everyone can face in everyday life. The dilemmas can be a symbol of good and evil, but there’s often nuances that call for reflection and contemplation. The fairy tale includes supernatural elements, magic, and finally there will be a little but very important morale that you can carry with you through life.

Ved scenen på BLOX i København under WorldPride 2021

Fairy Tales for Children

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